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A Beggin' I Will Go
A Choosing Game [Tripping up the Green Grass]
A dashing young lad from Buckingham
A Farmer's Son so Sweet
A Lawyer He Went Out
A Maid was I
A Maiden Sat A-Weeping
A New Song on the Taxes
A Riddle Wittily Expounded
A Shantyman's Life
A Sweet Country Life
A Virgin Unspotted
A wassail, a wassail throughout all this town!
A-Nutting we will Go
Acre of Land (My father had an)
Adam and Eve
Adieu to Old England
Adieu to Prince Edwards Isle
Admiral Benbow
Afton Water
Ages of Man, The
Aiken Drum
All Around my Hat
All Jolly Fellows that Follow the Plough
All Of A Row
All On a Misty Morning
All on Spurn Point
All the little Chickens in the Garden
All the Months of the Year
All Through the Night
All you that are unto mirth inclined [Sinners' Redemption, The]
Alnwick Football Song
American King, The
Among The New Mown Hay
An Old Man He Courted Me.
Andrew Lammie
Andulko The Goosegirl
Anti-Gallican Privateer, The
Apple Tree Wassail (1)
Apple Tree Wassail (2)
Arise! Arise!
'ark, 'ark, the Heavenly Angels Sing
As I Was A-Walking
As I was going to Banbury
Ash Grove, The
Auld Wife of Coverdill
Avenging and Bright
Away In A Manger (1)
Away In A Manger (2)
Away In A Manger (3)
Away In A Manger (4)
Away In A Manger (5-7)