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Sad Recruit, The
Sad Song, The
Saeter Girl's Sunday, The
Sailor's Alphabet [Bosun's Alphabet]
Sailor's Life, A
Sally Brown
Sally Gray
Salt Seas [Henry Martin]
Samuel Hooser's Hymn
Scarborough Fair
Scarborough Fair (Singing Together version)
Scraping Up Sand In The Bottom Of The Sea
Sea, The
Searching for Lambs
Seasons of the Year, The
Second Britford Carol
See Amid the Winter's Snow
Seeds of Love, The
Servant of Rosemary Lane, The
Servingman and the Husbandman, The
Seven Virgins, The
Seventeen Come Sunday
Shaker March No 20
Shaker Solemn Song 12
Shaker Solemn Song 2(A)
Shaker Turning Shuffle Tune No. 5
She's like the Swallow
Sheep-shearing Song
Sheepcrook and Black Dog
Shepherd and His Dog, The
Shepherds Arise
Shepherds Arouse [Shepherds Arise]
Shepherds in Judea
Shepherds' Song, The
Ship in Distress, The
Shoemakker, The
Shuttle Rins, The
Silly Old Man, The
Silver Wheat, The
Simple Gifts
Simple Ploughboy, The
Sing Aloud on the Day [Child's Carol, The]
Single Girl
Single Sailor
Sinners' Redemption, The
Sir James the Rose
Sir James the Ross [Sir James the Rose]
Sir Lionel
Sir William Gower (A)
Sir William Gower (B)
Some Folks Do
Some Rival has Stolen my True Love away
Song of a Country Girl
Songs of Shepherds
Souling Song - Cheshire, The
Sour Grapes
South Australia
South Scarle Lady's Plough Play Song
Spanish Ladies
Spencer the Rover
Spider, The
Spiritual Relation
Spotted Cow, The
Sprig of Thyme,The
St Athan
Star of Belle Isle, The
Star of County Down, The
Stately Southerner, The
Still, Still, Still
Stranger in Cork, A
Streets of Laredo
Strike the Bell!
Suffolk Miracle [It's of a farmer all in the town]
Sugar Candy [Coulter's Candy]
Susan's Adventures in a Man of War [On Board of a Man-of-War]
Sussex Carol [On Christmas Night]
Sussex Mummers' Carol
Swan Swims So Bonny
Swansea Town
Sweet Chiming Bells
Sweet Kitty
Sweet Lemeney [Lemonday]
Sweet Mary
Sweet Nightingale, The
Sweet Nightingale, The
Sweet Primeroses, The
Sweet William
Sword Dance (Yorkshire, West Riding) [You Noble Spectators