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A lawyer he went out one day,  
A-riding through the city,
It was there he met with a handsome maid,
And he thought her so sweet and pretty.

"Good morning to you, pretty maid,
O whiter are you going?"
"I am going a-down yonder meadow," she said,
"Where my father he is a-mowing."

"I'll take you up to London town,
And all such lovely places,
I will busk you into a silken gown,
Gold rings and gold chains and laces."

"I'll have none of your London town,
Nor any such lovely places,
I will not be busked into a silken gown,
Gold rings and gold chains and laces."

And now she is a poor man's wife,
Her husband dearly loves her,
And she lives a sweet and contented life,
There's no lady in town above her.

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Source: George Butterworth, Folk Songs from Suffolk and Other Songs, Stainer and Bell, 1974

Although this particular book did not give sources, this appears to be the song published in "Folk Songs from Suffolk" by George Butterworth (note the absence of 'and other songs!'), which was collected from Mrs Cranstone and Mrs Verrall from Billingshurst and Horsham in Sussex. See this Roud page at the VWML.

In the "Stainer and Bell" book, this song appears on page 10, whereas Roud show it on page 8 of "Folk Songs from Suffolk". However, "Stainer and Bell" contains a two page introduction, so it appears very likely that "Stainer and Bell" is a reprint of the original, with further songs appended and (if they existed) any notes on the sources of the songs omitted.

Roud: 992 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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