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As harvest comes on and the reaping begins,
The farmer the fruit of the earth gathers in;
In mirth let us talk till the season be gone,
And at night give a holler, till it's all of a row,

Till it's all of a row, at night give a holler till it's all of a row.

The early next morning our hook we do grind,
And away to the cornfield to reap and to bind;
Our foreman looks back where he leaves well behind,
And he gives a loud holler, "Bring it all well behind!"

Oh, then says the foreman, "Behind and before,
We will have a fresh edge and a half pint more."
So me jolly boys to the end we will go
To the end we will go till it's all of a row.

Our wheat it is in, oats and barley are bound,
Here's success to the farmer who ploughs through the ground;
As for this wheat stubble, into turnips we'll sow
And so we'll continue till it's all of a row.

When night comes on to the farm we will steer
To partake a good supper and to drink some strong beer
And wishing the farmer such blessings in life
By drinking a health unto him and his wife.

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Source: 'As Harvest Comes on': Hammond D100.

Collected by Hammond and Gardiner from George Roper(82), of Charlton St Mary in Blandford Union, Dorset, in July/August, 1905.

There is a version collected by Sabine Baring-Gould listed in the Roud Index Online at VWML, whose first line is slightly different.

Roud: 2472 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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