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La Pique
Labourer, The
Lady Franklin's Lament [Lord Franklin]
Lady Maisry
Lake of Colephin
Lancashire Cross Morris
Lancashire Peace Egging Song (1)
Lancashire Peace Egging Song (2)
Lancashire Processional Long Morris
Land of the Silver Birch
Lankin [Lambkin]
Lark in the Morn, The
Lass of Roch Royal [Lord Gregory]
Last Valentine's Day
Lavender Cries
Lay the Bent to the Bonny Broom
Lazarki Wedding Song
Leave her Johnny
Leaves of Life [Seven Virgins, The]
Leaving of Liverpool, The
Leezie Lindsay
Lemminy [Lemonday]
Leprehaun, The
Let Me in this Ae Night
Let the Bullgine Run [Clear the Track]
Li'l Liza Jane
Liberty for the Sailors
Lily-White Boys, The
Limejuice Ship,The
Lincolnshire Poacher, The
Linden Lea
Linstead Market
Little Cradle Rocks Tonight in Glory [Child of God, The]
Little Lowland Maid, The
Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard
Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard [Matthy Groves]
Little Red Bird
Little Red Wagon, The
Little Sir Hugh
Little Young Lambs, The
Liverpool Judies
Llangollen Market
Llantwit Major
Locks and Bolts
Lofty Tall Ship [Henry Martin]
Logie O' Buchan
Lone Pilgrim
Lonely and far away
Long A-Growing [Trees They Do Grow High,The]
Lonkin [Lambkin]
Lord Bateman
Lord Franklin
Lord Gregory
Lord Henry and Lady Margaret
Lord Lovel
Lord Lovell (I)
Lord Lovell (II)
Lord Marlborough [Duke of Marlborough, The]
Lord Melborne [Duke of Marlborough, The]
Lord Ronald My Son
Lord Thomas and Fair Eleanor
Lost Lady Found, The
Lovely Joan
Lovely on the Water
Lovers' Tasks, The
Low Down in the Broom
Low, Low Lands of Holland, The
Lowlands Low, The
Lowlands of Holland [Low, Low Lands of Holland, The]
Loyal Lover, The
Lulajze Jezuniu
Lullaby [Hush, My Babe]
Lulle Lullay
Lyke-Wake Dirge