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All on a misty morning, when cloudy was the weather,
I met an old man walking that cloth-ed was in leather
And ne'er a shirt upon his back but wool unto his skin,
With, how d'ye do? and how d'ye do?And how d'ye do again?

I went a little further,And there I met a maid
Was going then a-milking, A-milking, Sir, she said;
Then I began to compliment, and she began to sing;
With, How do you do? (etc)

I told her I would married be, and she should be my bride,
And long we should not tarry, and twenty things beside;
I'll plow and sow and reap and mow, while thou shalt sit and spin;
With, How do you do? (etc)

Kind Sir, I have a mother, beside a father still;
These freinds above all other, pray ask for their good will;
For if I be undutiful to them, it is a sin;
With, how do you do? (etc)

Her parents being willing, the parties were agreed,
Her portion thirty shilling, we married were with speed;
Then Will the piper he did play, the others dance and sing,
With, How do you do? (etc)

Then lusty Ralph and Robin, with many damsels gay,
Did ride on Roan and Dobbin, to celebrate the day;
When being met together, their caps they off did fling,
With, How do you do? (etc)

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Source: Sabine Baring Gould, 1895, Old English Songs from English Minstrelsie

This is taken from the selection of the eight volume work by Baring Gould of the same name, reprinted by Llanerch Publishers.

Notes are not given in the selection, but are in the full eight volume work to which I do not have access. Therefore I can give very little information about the origins of this song.

The words are attributed to T D'Urfey and it is described as 'An Old English Air'.

Roud: 13910 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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