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O Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
O Can Ye Sew Cushions
O Christmas Tree [Pine Tree, The]
O give me a Cot
O Good Ale Thou art my Darling
O Ho the Pretty Chain
O No John
O ru, ru, ru
O Sally My Dear
O Waly, Waly
Oak and the Ash,The
Oats and Beans and Barley Grows
Oh 'twas in the Broad Atlantic
Oh, I love a Maiden Fair
Old Adam [When Adam was first created]
Old Farmer Buck
Old Man of the Woods, The
Old Oak Tree, The
Old Threshing Song [Threshing Song]
Old Turf Fire, The
Old Wichet
Old Woman and her Pig, The
Old Woman in Our Town. There was an
Old Zip Coon
Oliver Cromwell
On Board of a Man-of-War
On Christmas Day
On Christmas Night
On the Banks of Sweet Dundee
On this day
Once a Farmer and His Wife
Once I Loved a Lass, O
Once I Loved A Maiden Fair
One Man Went To Mow
One more Ribber
Orientis Partibus
Orphan Girl, The
Ould John Braddlum
Our Captain cried All Hands
Our Ship She Lies in Harbour
Out In The Meadow
Outlandish Knight, The
Owl, The
Oxen Ploughing, The