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Tailor and the Carrion Crow
Tam Lin
Taney County
Tarpaulin Jacket, The
Tattie Jock
Ten Joys of Mary
There was a Pig went out to Dig
There's nae luck aboot the hoose
This Old Man
Thou Bonnie Wood O' Craigielea
Thousands or More
Three Butchers, The
Three Dukes, The
Three Harks
Three Jolly Huntsmen
Three little Babes
Three Maidens A-Milking did go, The
Three Pirates, The
Three Ravens, The
Three Score and Ten
Three Sisters, The
Thresher and the Squire, The
Threshing Song
Through Moorfields
Through the Grove
Tinker's Wedding, The
Tipteerers' Carol [Mummers' Carol]
To All the Good Children, A Happy New Year
To The Moon
Tobacco is An Indian Weed
Tom Bowling
Tom's Gone to Hilo
Tommy make way for your Uncle.
Top of the Morning, The
Tramping Song
Travel the Country Round
Tree in the Wood, The
Trees are All Bare, The [Christmas Song]
Trees They Do Grow High,The
Trees They're all Bare, The
Trimdon Grange Explosion
Tripping up the Green Grass
Turpin Hero
Twa Magicians [Two Magicians, The]
Twa Sisters, The
Twelve Apostles, The
Twelve Days of Christmas, The
Twenty, Eighteen
Twll Bach y Clo [Shepherd and His Dog, The]
Two Affectionate Lovers, The [Young Servant Man, The]
Two Brothers, The
Two Magicians, The
Tyrolean Cradle Song