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Andulko, are you at home, my dear?
There's no time to wait.
All your fat geese have escaped, I fear;
They ran through the gate.
All your geese in the corn!
Call them in ere it's morn.
Andulko. quickly come down, my dear,
Before its too late.

Id call them in only I'm afraid
My mistress would wake.
She sleeps so lightly, and you can guess
The trouble she'd make.
Oh how cross she can be!
She would soon punish me.
I can't leave my little bedroom here.
Before the day break.

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Source: Singing Together and Rhythm and Melody Autumn Term 1957

Singing Together notes:

"Czech folk song.  Words translated by Roger Fisk.  From the 'Oford Shool Music Books', Manual Junior.  By permission of the Oxford University Press"


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