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Paddy on the Railway
Painful Plough, The
Palace Grand [Sad Song, The]
Parson Hogg
Patrick on the Railroad [Paddy on the Railway]
Paul Jones
Pay Me My Money Down
Peace Egging [Lancashire Peace Egging Song (1)]
Peace O'er the World
Peggy Bawn [Peggy Bond]
Peggy Bond
Penny Wager, The
Personet Hodie [Child's Carol, The]
Pine Tree, The
Piper o' Dundee, The
Pizen Sarpint, The
Plains of Mexico [Santiana]
Plains of Waterloo, The
Ploughboy's Glory
Poacher's Song
Poaching Song.
Polly Oliver
Poor Jenny
Poor Mary [Poor Jenny]
Poor Murdered Woman
Poor Old Horse
Poor Old Horse (2)
Poor Paddy Works on the Railway
Praties They Grow Small,The
Pretty Nancy [Nancy of Yarmouth
Pretty Saro
Prickly Bush, The
Proud Tailor, The