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1: My name is Edward Olean, as you shall understand,
I was born on Prince Edward's Isle, that near to the ocean stands,
In eighteen hundred and eighty-one, in the flower of a brilliant youth,
I left my native counteree, my fortune to pursue.

2.I landed in New Brunswick, the lovely countree;
I heard of work in the lumber woods, where they cut the tall trees down;
I landed in New Brunswick, the lovely countree;
I was loathe into the lumber woods, I received my fatal wound.

3. I was fain to ride the ocean, and to leave those mountainsides;
There's danger in the battlefields where the enemy bullets fly,
There's danger in the lumber woods, and death seems solemn there,
And I became a victim into that fatal snare.

4.It's adieu unto my father, `twas hime that drove me here;
I did not like his treatment, I thought it too severe,
For it is not right to oppress a boy, or try to keep him down;'
Twill oft times drive him from his home when he is far too young.

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Source: Folk Song of the Catskills Cazden, Haufrecht and Studner ISBN: o-87385-580-3.

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Roud: 668 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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