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Ca' Hawkie Through the Watter
Caller Herrin'
Came You Not From Newcastle?
Can't You dance the Polka?
Candlelight Fisherman, The
Candlemas Eve
Canzone D'l Zampognari [Bagpipers' Carol, The]
Captain Bover
Captain Glen (A) [Sir William Gower (A)]
Captain Glen (B) [Sir William Gower (B)]
Captain Kid's Farewell to the Seas
Captain Morgan's March
Captain Ward
Captain Wedderburn's Courtship
Captain's Apprentice, The
Carnal and the Crane
Carrion Crow, The
Carter's Health, The
Casey Jones
Charles Stuart's Farewell [Farewell, Manchester!]
Charlie is m' Darling
Charming Phyllis
Cheerful 'Arn, The
Cherry Tree (2), The
Cherry Tree Carol (1), The
Cheshire Man, The
Cheshire Souling Song [Souling Song - Cheshire, The]
Child In The Manger
Child of God, The
Child's Carol, The
Children, Go Where I Send Thee
Chimney Sweep, The
Christ Was Born On Christmas Day
Christmas Day in the Morning
Christmas Day in the Morning (Shetland)
Christmas is Coming
Christmas Song
Cicely Sweet.
Claudy Banks
Clear the Track
Click Go The Shears [Shepherd and His Dog, The]
Coast of High Barbaree
Cockles and Mussels
Coconut Tree
Codfish Shanty, The [South Australia]
Cold Blows the Wind (Shropshire)
Cold Blows the Wind [Unquiet Grave, The]
Cold, Haily, Windy Night
Collier's Rant, The
Come All You Fair and Tender Ladies
Come all you True Good Christians
Come All You Worthy Christian Men
Come all you worthy Gentlemen
Come Away to the Skies
Come buy my fine herrings.
Come o'er the stream Charlie
Come Write Me Down
Come, Tune Your Cheerful Voice
Constant Farmer's Son, The [Merchant's Daughter, The]
Constant Johnny
Cooper Of Fife, The
Cosher Bailey
Cottage thatch'd with straw, The
Coulter's Candy
Coventry Carol
Coventry Carol [Lulle Lullay]
Crocodile, The
Croppers' Song
Cruel Mother, The
Cruel Ship's Carpenter, The
Crystal Spring, The
Cuckoo, The
Cumha Mhic-Le√?¬≤id
Cupid's Garden
Cutting Down the Pines