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Fair Flower of Northumberland
Fair Lady, Pity Me.
Fair Maid of Wickham [Gently Johnny my Jingalo]
Faithful Emma
Faithful Johnny
False Bride, The
False Knight on the Road, The
Famous Flower of Serving Men, The
Fare ye well, Lovely Nancy
Farewell Earthly Glory
Farewell He!
Farewell My Joy and Heart
Farewell My Own True Love
Farewell to Fiunary
Farewell to Tarwathie
Farewell, Manchester!
Farmer in Cheshire, The
Farmer's Boy, The
Farmer's Daughter, The [On the Banks of Sweet Dundee]
Farmyard, The
Fatal Snowstorm, The
Father Grumble
Father James's Song No 2
Fathom the Bowl
Feast Song
Female Highwayman [Sovay]
Female Highwayman [Sylvia]
Female Highwayman, The
Fill the Cup
Fire Down Below
First Britford Carol
First of May, The
Flash Company
Flash Company [Myrtle Tree, The]
Flat River Raftsman, The
Flight of the Earls
Flora Lily of the West (1), The
Flora Lily of the West (2), The
Flow Gently Sweet Afton
Flow'rs O' the Forest
Flower of Killarney, The
Flower of Serving Men, The
Flowers in the Valley, The
Flowers O' the Forest [Flow'rs O' the Forest]
Foggy Dew,The
Football Crazy
For I am a Maid That's deep in Love
Forsaken Maiden, The [A Maiden Sat A-Weeping]
Forty Miles
Four in a Boat
Four Maries, The
Four Pence a Day
Fox Hunt, The
Fox, The
Frenet Ha'
Frère Jacques
Friendly Beasts, The
Frog and the Mouse, The
Fum, Fum Fum!