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Dabbling in the Dew
Daddy Fox, old
Dance to your Daddy
Darby Kelly
Dashing Away with the Smoothing Iron
Dashing White Sergeant, The
Davy Lowston
Dean Cadalan
Death And the Lady
Death of Admiral Benbow
Death of Queen Jane, The
Derby Ram, The
Derwentwater's Farewell
Deserter, The
Devil and the Farmer's Wife, The
Dewy Dells of Yarrow., The
Dialogue Between Jacob and Esau, A
Dicky of Taunton Dene
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel
Digger's Song
Dilly Song(2), The
Dilly Song, The
Dives and Lazarus
Do you remember that night?
Donkey Riding
Dorrington Lads? [My Dearie She sits Ower Late up]
Doun the Burn Davie
Dowie Dens of Yarrow, The
Down by Sally's Garden
Down in the Meadows
Down in Yon Forest (1)
Down in Yon Forest (2)
Dragoon and the Lady, The
Drill ye Tarriers, Drill
Drink To Me Only
Drover's Dream, The
Drowned Lover, The
Drowsy Sleeper [Arise! Arise!]
Drummer and the Cook, The
Drummer Boy of Waterloo, The
Duke of Marlborough, The
Dunster Carol [I Hear Along Our Street]
Dunster Carol [I hear along our street]
Dying Cowboy, The