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Hampshire Mummers' Christmas Carol
Handsome Butcher, The
Hard Times of Old England
Hark Shepherds How the Angels Sing
Hark the Herald Angels Sing [Carlingcott]
Hark, hark, let us behold! [Russell[Lenox
Harvest Song (Wiltshire)
He Called for a Candle [Servant of Rosemary Lane, The]
He Is Born
He that will not merry, merry be
Heavenly Child, The
Help Me O Lord
Henry Martin
Henry, My Son
Here Come the Navvies
Here we come a-wassailing [Wassail Bough, The]
Here's Adieu to All Judges and Juries
Heron from Brecon, The
Het Patertje
Hexhamshire Lass
Hey Ho, The Morning Dew
Hieland Laddie
High Germany
Hills of Shiloh
Hind Horn
Ho ro, My Nut-Brown Maiden
Holland Handkerchief [It's of a farmer all in the town]
Holly Ho
Holly Tree, The
Hope the Hermit
Horn Fair
Hostess's Daughter, The
House Carpenter
How my Soul is now delighted
Hugh of Lincoln [Little Sir Hugh]
Hughie the Graeme
Hunting Priest, The
Hunton Sword Dance [King's Song]
Huron Indian Carol, The
Husbandman, The
Hush, My Babe