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Waltzing Matilda
Wark o' the Weavers, The
Wassail Bough, The
Watching The White Wheat [Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn]
Water of Tyne, The
Watercress Girl, The
Watts' Cradle Song (Poston Tunes)
Watts's Cradle Song
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
We've been a while a-wandering
Wealthy Young Farmer, The
Westering Home
What You Gonna Call Yo' Pretty Little Baby?
What's the Life of a Man?
When Adam was first created
When Jesus Wept
When Jones's Ale was New
Whence Is That Goodly Fragrance Flowing
While Shepherds Watched [Liverpool]
While Shepherds Watched [Sweet Chiming Bells]
Whilst The Gamekeepers Lie Sleeping
White Cockade, The [Sad Recruit, The]
White Hare, The
Who will shoe my Foot?
Who will you give me to sail away?
Who'll Be King But Charlie
Who's the fool now
Widdecombe Fair
Wife of Usher's Well [Three little Babes]
Wild Moor, The
Wild White Rose, The
Wild, Wild Berry, The
Will Ye No Come Back Again
Will you go lassie
William Cook [Willie Brook]
William Taylor
Willie Brook
Willie Doo
Willie Drowned in Ero.
Windy Old Weather
Within a garden.
Wonderful Crocodile, The [Crocodile, The]
Woodsmans Alphabet, The
World I have Forsaken, The
Wraggle Taggle Gipsies-O!, The
Wreck of the Sloop John B., The