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Maa Bonny Lad
Maggie Lauder
Maid of Australia
Maid of the Mill, The
Maid of Tottenham, The
Maid that's Deep in Love [For I am a Maid That's deep in Love]
Mallow Fling
Mallow Fling, The
Mango Walk
Maranoa Lullaby
Maria Marten
Marlborough's Gone to War, Sir
MarrowBones [Old Woman in Our Town. There was an]
Mary Ann
Mary Ann
Mary Had A Baby
Mary Hamilton
Matthy Groves
Maw Canny Hinny
May Day Carol
McPherson's Farewell [McPherson's Rant]
McPherson's Rant
Meadowlands, The
Men of Harlech
Men's Clothes I will put On
Merchant's Daughter, The
Mermaid, The
Merry Haymakers, The
Michael Finnigin
Midst of Night
Midsummer Carol.
Migildi magildi
Mill o' Tifty's Annie [Andrew Lammie]
Miller And His Sons, The
Miller of Dee, The
Miller's Flowers, The
Miller's Three Sons, The [Miller And His Sons, The]
Mingulay Boat Song, The
Minstrel Boy, The
Miracle Flower, The
Mirie It Is
Mister Stormalong
Mistletoe Bough, The
Mistress's Health (1), The
Mistress's Health (2), The
Mocking Bird, The
Molly Bawn
Molly Malone [Cockles and Mussels]
Months of the Year, The
Moon Shines Bright, The
Morning Break, The
Morning is Come
Morrismen, The
Mount Zion
Mountain Duel
Mowing the Barley
Mummers' Carol
Must I then?
My Bonnie, Bonnie Boy
My Bonny Cuckoo
My Boy Billy
My Dearie She sits Ower Late up
My Grandfather's Clock
My Johnny
My Johnny was a Shoemaker
My Love Lies Cold Beneath My Feet
My Love's an Arbutus
My mother did so before me
My Own Pretty Boy
My True Love once He courted Me
My True Love once He courted Me (2)
My True Love once He courted Me (3)
My True Love once He courted Me (4)
Mylecharane (Isle of Man)
Myrtle Tree, The