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Of all the trades in England
The beggin' is the best
For when a beggar's tired
He can sit him down to rest

And a beggin' I will go
And a beggin' I will go

I've a bag for me oatmeal
And another for me salt
A little pair of crutches
Tha should see how I can halt

Me breeches thay are nobbut holes
But me heart is free of care
As long as I've a belly full
Me arse it can go bare

There's a bed for me where e'er I lie
And I don't pay no rent
I've got no noisy looms to mind
And I am reet content

I rest when I am tired
I heed no master's bell
A man would be mad to be a king
When beggars live so well

I've a black patch on my fusti coat
And another on my ee
But when it comes to tuppeny ale
I'll see as well as thee

I've bin deef at Dunkinfield
And I've bin blint at Shaw
And many a reet and willin' lass
I've bedded in the straw

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Source: Harding, M (1980) Folk Songs of Lancashire Manchester, Whitethorn Press

Harding notes:
A Lancashire version of a song that appears in Ireland as The Little Beggarman and in Scotland as Tae the Beggin' I Will Go. This version was collected from an old weaver in Delph called Becket Whitehead by Herbert Smith and Ewan McColl.

Roud: 286 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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