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O once I loved a lass but she loved not me,
Because I looked too poor,
Now she all in good part has stole away my heart
And will keep it for evermore.

O 'twas under my true love's window one night,
Yo! there did I holloa so shil-lo, li-tle shil-lo. little shil-lo;
My true love she arose and she slipped on her clothes_
And so soft-a-ly she let me in.

Yo! 'twas all the fore part of the night
We did both sport and play,play so pretty, play so pretty,_play;
And all the last part of the night
O she sleeped in my arms till day.

Now my father keeps a cock and a wonderful cock,
And he crows in the morning so soon,
I thought it had been day when I sent my love away
But it proved to be the light of the moon.

Now I'll be so true to my love as the sun that doth shine
Over the fallow the fallow, fallw ground,
And if she's not true to me as I am true to she
I would rather she were lost than found.

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Source: A Dorset Book of Folk Songs, EFDSS, 1958

Collected from Roberts Barrett, Puddletown, by the Hammonds between 1905 and 1908.

Roud: 21234 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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