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(Last verse only given here; see other versions for the pattern of the song)


O, I'll sing you twelve, O.
What is your twelve, O?
Twelve for the twelve apostles,
Eleven for the eleven that went to heaven,
Ten for the ten commander's men
Nine, the nine bright shiners,
Eight the Gabriel strangers
Seven for the seven stars in the sky,
Six for the six proud walkers,
Five for the symbols in my path
Four for the gospel preachers
Three, three the rivo.
Two, two, the lily-white boys,
Clothed all in green, O.
When the one is left alone
He evermore shall be so.

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Source: Palmer R and Davies, G, Let Us Be Merry. pub Green Branch

This version was collected from Mr George Lane by Percy Grainger in 1908.

Roud: 2772 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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