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The little young lambs were on the hill. Glory, Glory.
The night was cold and the wind it was still. Glory, Glory, Glory.
They look├?┬Ęd high, they look├?┬Ęd low,
But all they saw was a star in the sky.
Singing, Glory, glory, glory, Christ is born.

They look├?┬Ęd low, they look├?┬Ęd high, Glory, glory.
There came a great light into the Sky. Glory, glory, glory.
And all God's angels sang out plain
So sweet as collybirds after rain.
Singing, Glory, glory, glory, Christ is born.

Go little lambs to Bethlehem. Glory, glory.
And there you will find the King of men. Glory, glory, glory.
In the manger on the hay
The lamb that's born on Chrissimas day.
Singing Glory, glory, glory, Christ is born.

The little young lambs away they went. Glory, glory.
And followed their shepherds in great content. Glory, glory, glory.
And in a manger there he lay.
Our Lord was born on Chrissimas day.
Singing, Glory, glory, glory, Christ is born.
Christ is born, Christ is born.

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Source: English Dance and Song, December 1959: vol. XXIII: no. 5.


From Miss Ruth L. Tongue, Wharncleeve Cottage, Crowcombe, Taunton, Somerset, who heard it at Cothelstone in the Quantock Hills in her childhood. (Tune noted by Michael Bell.)

There are doubts about the authenticity of songs that came from Miss Tongue, a folklorist in her own right. She seems to have had a talent for recovering -often from her own memory- unusual songs which have never been encountered anywhere else. I add this song without comment one way or the other.

The tune includes an additional two bars at the end; these are sung with the last verse only.

Roud: 3224 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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