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O Mary, Mary, mine,
Come and greet this morn so fine,
The birds are singing gaily,
Make haste while sun doth shine

Hoo on! Hoo on! Hoo!

O Mary, Mary soon
Will the hour be striking noon,
Come spread the table briskly
With knife and fork and spoon.

O Mary, Mary, see
Even now 'tis time for tea,
The cows are coming slowly,
'Tis milking soon you'll be.

O Mary, Mary mine,
'Tis no moment to repine,
We'll to the woods so blithely,
Fair garlands to entwine.

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Source: Singing Together, Spring 1972, BBC Publications

An acknowlegement is given in the pamphlet to "Miss Grace Williams for 'Llantwit Major' from Six Welsh Oxen Songs.".


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