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Here's two or three jolly lads, all in one mind,
We've comed a-pace-egging, and I hope you'll prove kind.
And I hope you'll prove kind with your eggs and strong beer
For we'll no more come nigh you until the next year.
Fol-de-rol-de-ray, fol-de-ray, fol-fe-riddle,addle-i-o

The next that comes in is Lord Nelson, you'll see,
With a bunch of blue ribbons tied down to his knee;
And a star on his breast that like silver doth shine -
And I hope you'll remember it's peace-egging time.
Fol-de-rol-de-ray, etc.

O, the next that comes in is a jolly Jack Tar,
He sailed with Lord Nelson a-during last war;
He's arrived from the sea old England to view,
And he's comed a-pace-egging with out jovial crew.
Fol-de-rol-de-ray, etc.

O the next that comes in is Lord Collingwood,
He fought with Lord Nelson till he shed his blood;
He fought with Lord Nelson through sorrow and woe -
And I hope you'll reward u before we do go.
Fol-de-rol-de-ray, etc

O the next that comes in is old Tosspot you see,
He's a valiant old man in every degree;
He's a valiant old man, and he wears a pig-tail,
But all his delight is in drinking mulled ale.
Fol-de-rol-de-ray, etc.

Then in comes old misor, all with her brown bags
For fear of her money she wears her old rags.
So mind what you're doing and see that all's right;
If you give nought, we'll take nought, farewell and good night.
Fol-de-rol-de-ray, etc.

Come ladies and gentlemen that sits by the fire,
Put your hand in your pocket, that's all our desire;
Put your hand in your pocket and pull out your purse,
And give us a trifle, you'll not be much worse.
Fol-de-rol-de-ray, etc.

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Source: Lucy Broadwood and J A Fuller Maitland. 1893, English County Songs, Leadenhall Press, London

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Roud: 614 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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