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Dance, Lazare, Lazare abre,
For the good health of this house,
For its health and abundance,
Dance for this young bride,
This year's bride,
And for next year's cradle
Come out, young bride and look,
Come and meet Lazarus,
Take his horse
He leads a team
Of fine Lazarki girls.
They will sing thy health,
And thy husband's,
And abundance for the house.

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Source: Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, Dec 1935

The timing is given as quaver+dotted quaver=72. Our ABC converter does not seem able to cope with this, and is showing a crochet instead.

The notes say:

The measure of 5/16 has to be beaten in two, with the second beat prolonged. In order to beat the measure in the proper manner carry out the following exercise: count 1,2 on the first beat and 1,2,3 on the second, and accelerate until you reach the desired speed.

'k? sta' should be 'k? ?ta' but the modified 's' is also beyond the ABC conversion tools.

This is only a fragment of the song: it is that part that is common to all the variations introduced depending whether there is "a handsome youth about to be married", "a young bride who lives with her mother-in-law", "a house where there is a sister and brother, and the latter is of an age to marry", "a learned son (eg a teacher)", and so on. For the full description it will be necessary to consult the Journal entry or some similar work.


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