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Rocks of home!
Sea and foam,
Best on the pilot's station, 
See where his flag is hoisted high
He opens the gates as the ships come by
The vessals of ev'ry nation.

Never lack
Courage those who come your way;
Arctic, North Sea, Atlantic tide,
Snow and mist may destruction hide;
This know the seamen of Norway.

Leaving shore,
Safe no more,
Sailors their course are bending,
Following their trade on the ocean deep,
Sailing till life has its ending.

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Source: Singing Together, BBC Broadcasts to Schools, Spring Term, 1959

At this stage in the series,  'Singing Together' and 'Rhythm and Melody' were printed in the same booklet.  This piece appears to be more connected with 'Rhythm and Melody' in that many of the notes have specific accents, and the later verses have slight variations on the tune (which is not unusual) but the expected changes are shown (which is more unusual in the series).


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