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As shepherds in Jewry were guarding their sheep,
Promisc'ously seated, estrang├?┬Ęd from sleep,
An angel from heaven presented to view,
And thus he accosted the trem-bl-ing few:
Dispel all your sorrows and banish your fears,
For Jesus your Savior in Jewry appears.

Though Adam the first in rebellion was found,
Forbidden to tarry in hallow├?┬Ęd ground;
Yet Adam the second appears to retrieve
The loss you sustain'd by the devil and Eve.
REFRAIN 2: (twice)
Then shepherds, be tranquil, this instant arise,
Go visit your Savior and see where he lies.

A token I leave you, whereby you may find
This heavenly stranger, this friend to mankind:
A manger his cradle, a stall his abode,
The oxen are near him and blow on your God.
REFRAIN 3: (twice)
Then shepherds, be humble, be meek and be low,
For Jesus your Savior's abundantly so.

This wonderful story scarce reach├?┬Ęd the ear,
When thousands of angels in glory appear,
They join in the concert, and this was the theme:
All glory to God, and good will towards men.
REFRAIN 4: (twice)
Then shepherds, go join you glad voice to the choir,
And catch a few sparks of celestial fire.

Hosanna! the angels in ecstasy cry,
Hosanna! the wandering shepherds reply;
Salvaton, redemption are center'd in one,
All glory to God for the birth of his Son.
REFRAIN 5: (twice)
Then shepherds, adore, we commend you to God,
Go visit the Son in his humble abode.

To Bethlehem city the shepherds repair'd,
For full confirmation of what they had heard;
They enter'd the stable, with aspect so mild,
And there they beheld the Mother and Child.
REFRAIN 6: (twice)
Then make proclamation, divulge it abroad,
That both Jews and Gentiles may hear of the Lord.

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Source: The Second Penguin Book of Christmas Carols, ed. Elizabeth Poston.

SHEPHERDS IN JUDEA (As shepherds in Jewry), a version of freshness and charm, with the emphasis on the shepherds, of the English traditional Davies Gilbert carol 'A Virgin most pure' (see no.1, p 34). According to George Pullen Jackson this carol is to be found only in The Christian Harmony or Songster's Companion compiled by Jeremiah Ingalls in Exeter, New Hartford, 1805.

Roud: 18275 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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