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Have you heard of the Welshman that travelled to Cork,
Who laughed when he listened to Irishmen's talk?
"Begorra! Bejabers!" was what they would say,
And "The top of the morning" in-stead of "Good day."

In a cottage on evening he heard Paddy cry,
"Why, sure 'tis dark night all this half-hour gone by.
Of laughter and mirth may God increase your store
But 'tis time each was going above his own door."

"Oh idded for to goodness," our Taffy exclaimed,
"For not understanding I cannot be blamed.
My door is in Wales; can you find me a bed?"
"Will you wisht!" answered Paddy. "That's just what I said!"

"In the land of St Patrick a welcome you'll find.
Though our speech may sound quare yet the thought will be kind.
Take it aisy awhile, and you'll soon learn the talk
Of Irishmen living in gay County Cork."

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Source: Singing Together, Spring 1970, BBC Publications

No acknowledgement is given for the tune, versions of which can be found in O'Neills. The words were written by Miss B Kluge.


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