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The Piper cam' to oor toun,
To oor toun, to oor toun,
The Piper cam' to oor toun.
And he played bonnielie.
He played a spring the Laird to please,
A spring bent new frae yont the seas;
And then he gi'ed his bags a squeeze,
And played anither key.

And wasna he a rogie, a rogie, a rogie
And wasna he a rogie, The Piper o' Dundee.

He played "The Welcome Owre The Main",
And "Ye'se Be Fon And I'se Be Fain",
And "Auld Stuart's Back Again",
Wi' muckle mirth and glee.

He played "The Kirk", he played "The Quier",
"The Mullin Dhu" and "Chevalier",
And "Lang awa' but welcome here,
Sae sweet, sae bonnielie.

It's some gat swords and some gat nane,
And some were dancin' mad their lane,
And mony a vow o'weir was ta'en,
That night at Amulrie.

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Source: Singing Together, Spring 1981, BBC Publications

Transcription Note: There is a closing quotation mark missing in verse 3, which I believe should be after the 'here'; I have copied the lyrics as given.


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