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1.An American frigate from Baltimore came,
Our guns mounted forty, called 'Richard' by name,
While cruising the Channel from old Engelond,
Our noble commander Paul Jones was the man.

2.We had not sailed long `fore we did espy
A large forty-four, and a twenty close by.
"Quick, give us an answer, I've hailed you before,
Or the very moment a broadside we'll pour!"

3. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
 . ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
The broadside was poured by those Englishmen,
And our brave heroes returned them again.

4.Our gunner got frightened, unto Paul Jones he came,
Said, "Our ship, she takes water, likewise into flame."
Paul Jones, he exclaimed in the height of his pride,
"This day, boys, we'll conquer, or sink by their side!"

5.Here's a health to those widows who shortly may weep
For the loss of their husbands lie sunk in the deep.
Here's a health to Paul Jones and the rest of his crew:
By this you can see, boys, what courage will do.

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Source: Folk Song of the Catskills Cazden, Haufrecht and Studner ISBN: o-87385-580-3.

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Roud: 967 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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