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Priscilla on one summer's day
Dressed herself up in men's array;
With a brace of pistols by her side
All for to meet her true love she did ride.

And when she saw her true love there
She boldly bade him for to stand.
'Stand and deliver, kind sir,' she said,
'For if you don't I'll shoot you dead.'

And when she'd robbed him of all his store,
Said she, 'Kind sir, there's one thing more;
The diamond ring I've seen you wear,
Deliver that and your life I'll spare.'

'That ring,' said he, 'my true love gave;
My life I'll lose, but that I'll save.'
Then, being tender-hearted like a dove,
She rode away from the man she love.

Anon they walked upon the green,
And he spied his watch pinned to her clothes,
Which made her blush, which made her blush
Like a full, blooming rose.

'Twas me who robbed you on the plain,
So here's your watch and your gold again.
I did it only for to see
If you would really faithful be.
And now I'm sure that this is true,
I also give my heart to you.'

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Source: Everynan's Book of British Ballads. Edited by Roy Palmer.

Taken from the above book source.

Sung by Mr J. Francis, Castle Bromwich, Warwickshire, and collected by Roy Palmer, 1974 (English Dance and Song, vol.XXXVI, No 2, p61. Mr Francis learned
the song while he was a child in Norwich from his grandmother. Laws no. 21.

Roud: 7 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six
Laws: 21

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