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Quhair wile I lay my hede,
Quhair lay my bodie doune,
Qhairfor na am I died,
Sen' wandrin' I bene bown;
O! Marie ze war fairer
than ony goud or gear;
O! bot my hert is sairer
than't has bene mony zeir.

O! blythsom was the wi time,
That I hae spent wi thee,
Aft kiss't that cheik o' thyne,
As ze sat on my knee.
But cauld's thy bodie now Marie,
O! dull thy blinkin' E'e,
Quhairfor do I here tarry,
An' canna win to thee.

He sat doune on a stane,
His hame was far awa;
He sicht an' made a mane,
An sicht O! Frenet Ha'.
Syne drew his schairp Sword frae its shethe,
It gleitert wi' the Sun,
An ay he cry'd dear Mary,
My Love to thee I come.

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Source: John Hamilton, 24 Songs, 1796



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