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Rejoice the promised Saviour's come,
And shall the blind behold;
The deaf shall hear and by the dumb
His wondrous works be told. (x3)

Light from the sacred shore shall spread
O'er all the world shall beam
In pastures fair shall all be lead
And drink of comforts stream. (x3)

The weary nations shall have rest
The rage of war shall cease
The earth with innocence be blest
And plenty dwell with peace.

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Source: Wiltshire Folk Songs and Carols, W Mate and Sons, Bournemouth, 1904

Details on this carol are a little thin. The book, Wiltshire Folk Songs and Carols, is in the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library but is undated. It was originally published Bournemouth by W. Mate, 1904.

The edition in VWML is a reprint (Norwood edition 1975). The final pages of the book contain notes on the songs, but none are provided for this carol.

Rev Geoffry Hill was the vicar of East with West Harnham, Salisbury, and produced this book in conjuction with Walter Barnett, who arranged the music.

Roud: 1159 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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