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1.Friends if you will listen, I'll sing to you a song.
All about the pine woods and how they get along.
A jovial lot of fellows as ever you will find
Spent the winter pleasantly cutting down the pines.

 2.Some will leave their own dear homes and friends they love so dear;
To the lonesome pine woods the boys will have to steer.
The sawyers and the choppers, the quiet mechanics too,
Learn all sorts of trades as part of the lumber crew.

 3.The sawyers and the choppers, they lay the timber low;
The skidders and the swampers, they haul it to and fro;
On come the teamsters before the break of day:
They load up their log-teams, to the river haste away.

 4."Noontime is coming!" loud the foreman screams,
"Lay down your saws and axes and haste to pork and beans!
"Time for your dinner!" you hear the foreman cry;
You ought to see them bound around, they hate to lose their pie.

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Source: Folk Song of the Catskills Cazden, Haufrecht and Studner ISBN: o-87385-580-3.

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Roud: 667 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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