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Ca' Hawkie, Ca' Hawkie,
Ca' Hawkie through the Watter,
Hawkie is a sweir beast
And Hawkie winna wade the watter.

Hawkie is a bonny coo,
Though she's loth to wade the watter,
While she waits the work'll stand,
So ca' Hawkie though the watter.

Hawkie is a bonny coo,
All the children do adore her,
For she gives them all the milk
There is none they prize before her.

Girls be not too nice or coy,
If your sweetheart wants to marry,
Ne'er say nay, but quickly comply
As 'tis hazardous to tarry.

Now young maids, my council take,
Since that it can be no better;
Cast off baith your hose and shoon
And safely drive her through the watter.

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Source: North Countrie Folk Songs for Schools, Ed Whittaker, Pub Curwen, 1921


The 'Girls be not...' verse reads to me like an interpolation of some kind - the third line hardly scans at all.

Roud: 3159 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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