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Down by some crystal spring, where the nightingales sing,
Most pleasant it is, in season, to hear the groves ring.
Down by the riverside, a young captain I espied,
Entreating of his true love, for to be his bride.

Dear Phyllis, says he, can you fancy me?
All in your soft bowers a crown it shall be;
And you shall take no pain, I will you maintain,
My ship she's a-loaded just come in from Spain.

Whenever you dine, there you shall drink wine;
And so sweetly in the season then you shall be mine.
Like a lady so rare, I'll maintain you so fair;
There's no lady in the navy with you shall compare.

If e'er I prove false to my soft little dove,
May the ocean turn desert; and the elements move:
For whereever I shall be, I'll constant to thee,
My heart is no rover, if I rove through the sea.

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Source: Sharp C and Vaughan Williams, R, A Selection of Collected Folk-Songs, Novello

Noted by Cecil Sharp from Farmer King at East Harptree, Somerset, 25 August 1904. Editorial intervention in this case was intended to give the song greater coherence, though some modifications seem unnecessary and a verse has been omitted.

Roud: 1391 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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