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We was a-sitting by the fire of a cold winter's night,      
We was telling purty tales that we dreamed the other night;
If my love will give me comfort then I will give him joys
O strange thoughts that come knock-ng at my door.

Good moring to you my fair pur-ty damsel, How come you here so early?
My love's lay-ing so cold be-neath my feet;
For the night is coming very dull, the morning's coming very bright,
Strange faces I'm going to meet the day.

That wasn't what you promised me you never knew no other. 
My love lay so  cold beneath my feet;
You promised that you'd marry me and neer O no oth-er                                                                
But don't my love lay so cold below my feet

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Source: MacColl and Seeger, Traveller's Songs from England and Scotland, Routledge And Kegan Paul, 1977

Note: This song been notated to match the version as printed.   The 3/4 timing, for example, does not fit the fact that verse one appears to be 4/4.  I was also unclear what exactly the (etc) refers to at the end of verse two. 

MacColl and Seeger wrote:

We have been unsuccessful in uncovering any information about this song.  There are in it fugitive echoes of other songs, but what those other songs are we have been unable to determine.  It is of course quite possible that its enigmatic nature arises from Mrs Hughes talent for combining odd lines from half-a-dozen different songs.

"My Love Lay Cold Beneath My Feet", sung by Caroline Hughes.

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