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Hear the royal proclamation,
The glad tidings of salvation,
Publishing to every creature,
To the ruined sons of nature;
Jesus reigns, he reigns victorious
Over heav'n and earth most glorious
Jesus reigns.

[See the royal banner flying,
Hear the heralds loudly crying,
"Rebel sinners, royal favor
Now is offered by the Savior."

Hear, ye sons of wrath and ruin,
Who have wrought your own undoing,
Here is life and free salvation,
Offered to the whole creation.

Turn unto the Lord most holy,
Shun the paths of vice and folly;
Turn, or you are lost for ever,
O! now turn to God the Savior.

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Source: Patterson, D W, 1979, The Shaker Spiritual, Princeton University Press, New Jersey

This was first recorded in Ananias Davisson's Supplement to the Kentucky Harmony in 1820. Jackson felt the song "had all the earmarks of an eighteenth century fife-and-drum-corps tune"; Patterson, however, believed it to be related to "The Lowlands of Holland" and "Rose Connoley".

(Bracket lyrics from elsewhere - see the discussion thread)


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