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We met, we met, my own true love
We met, we met, cried he
I've jest returned from th salt, salt sea
And it's all for th love of thee

I could have married a kings daughter
I'm sure she'd a married me
But strings of gold I did'nt refuse
And it's all for th love of thee

If you could'a married a kings daughter
I'm sure you are to blame
For I'm married to a house carpenter
And I'm sure he's a nice young man

Won't you forsake your house carpenter
And go along with me
I'll take you to where th grass grows green
On th banks of th sweet lily

If I forsake my house carpenter
And go along with you
What have you there to montain me upon
And to keep me from slavery

O, don't you see them seven ships
A sailing for dry land
There's a hundred and ten of th finest waiting men
And they'll all be at your command

She pick-ed up her precious little babe
An' kisses gave it three
Saying, stay here, stay here, my precious little babe
Keep your papa company

They had not been at sea two weeks
I'm sure it was not three
Till this fair damsel began to weep
And she wept most bitterly

What are you weeping for my gold
Or is it for my store
Or is it for your house carpenter
That you left on old England shore

I'm neither weeping for your gold
Nor is it for your store
I'm weeping for my precious little babe
That I never shall see any more

They had not been on sea three weeks
I'm sure it was not four
Till under th decks there sprang a leak
And she sank to rise no more

O curse, O curse, all seamen, cried she
O curse, them unto me
They have robbed me of my house carpenter
And now they are drownding me

O, don't you see that turtle dove
A flying from vine to vine
He's mourning for his own true love
Jest like I mourn for mine

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Source: Max Hunter, #246, housed at Southwest Missouri State University Department of Music.

From the Max Hunter Online Folk Song collection, Cat. #0198 (MFH #246) - As sung by Allie Long Parker, Eureka Springs, Arkansas on September 2, 1958

Roud: 14 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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