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There is six good days all in the week,   
All for a labouring man,
But the seventh is the Sabbath of our Lord Jesus Christ,
The Father and the Son.

On Sunday go to Church, dear man;
Down on our knees we must fall,
And then we must pray that the Lord Jesus Christ
He will bless and save us all.

Bring up your children well, dear man,
Whilst they are in their youth,
For it might be the better for your sweet soul
When you go to the Lord {Jesus Christ/of Truth}

Now the fields they are as green, as green,
As green as any leaf,
Our Lord our God He has watered them
With the heavenly dew so sweet.

In hell it is dark, in hell it is dim,
In hell it is full of lies;
And that is the place where all wicked men must go
When they part from the Lord Jesus Christ.

Then take your Bible in your hand
And read your chapter through;
And when the day of Judgement comes,
The Lord will remember you.

Then bring us some of your Christmas ale,
And likewise your Christmas beer;
For when another Christmas comes
We may not all be here.

With one stone at your head, oh man,
And another stone at your feet.
Your good deeds and your eil
Will all together meet.


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Source: Hampshire Mummers' Christmas Carol

Sung by Mummers of Kingsclere, 1897.

Lucy Broadwood wrote:

This was noted by Mr. Godfrey Arkwright.  An error in the cadence, which was printed in the Journal of the Folk Song Society, Vol. i., No. 4, is here corrected.

Roud: 1065 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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