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Fare you well to old Ireland since I must leave the shore.
And perhaps never see that little island no more.
Leaving brothers and sisters and mother to mourn.
And all for the sake of their dear darling son.

Oh there is one thing that do grieve my heart sore.
That's to go and leave that charming pretty girl I adore.
But there is one the more that still runs in my mind,
That's to think I should leave Kilkenny behind.

Kilkenny is a fine place it lies in the West,
And the more I think on it - it lies in my breast,
But now I am in London so far from my home,
In Kilkenny I've a true love but here I have none.

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Source: Singing Together, Summer 1977, BBC Publications

This particular example was not from Ireland - at least, not directly; it was found by the Hammond Brothers in Dorset. Frank Purslow published a collated set in Marrowbones, 10; the tune seems to have come from Mathew Hunt (Sherbourne Almshouses, July 1906), with words from Mr T Hunt (Sherbourne Workhouse, September 1905) and Jim Burrows (Sherbourne Gravel Pits, July 1906).

Roud: 1451 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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