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Roy's wife of Aldivalloch,
Roy's wife of Aldivalloch,
Wat ye how she cheated me,
As I cam o'er the braes o' Balloch?

She vow'd she swore she wad be mine,
She said she lo'ed me best o' ony;
But O the fickle faithless quean,
She's ta'en the carle an' left her Johnnie.
Roy's wife, &c.

For O she was a canty queen,
And weel could dance the Highland walloch;
How happy I, had she been mine,
Or I'd been Roy of Aldivalloc.
Roy's wife, &c.

Her hair sae fair, her e'en sae clear,
Her wee bit mou' sae sweet and bonnie;
To me she ever will be dear,
Though she's for ever left her Johnnie.
Roy's wife, &c.

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Source: Scots Minstrelsie A National Monument of Scottish Song Volume1. Edited and Arranged by John Greig

Words by Mrs Grant of Carron (c 1747-1814).

Old Strathspey melody. The melody was formally known as "The Ruffian's Rant". Burn's wrote "Canst thou Leave me thus, my Katy" to this melody.

Taken from Electric Scotland

Roud: 5137 (Search Roud index at VWML)

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