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Three score of nobles rode up the King's hall,
But bonnie Glenlogie's the flow'r of them all!
With his milk-white steed and his bonnie black e'e.
"Glenlogie. dear mother, Glenlogie for me."

"Hold your tongue daughter, there's better than he."
"O say name sae, mother, for that cannot be;"
"Through Drumlie is richer and greater than he,
Yet if I must take him, I'll certainly dee."

Then came Glenlogie but joy was not there,
For bonnie Jean's mother was tearing her hair,
"You're welcome, Glenlogie, you're welcome" said she;
"You're welcome. Glenlogie, your Jeannie to see."

Jeannie was pale as he entered the room,
But red rosy grew she whene'er he sat doun;
She then turned away with a smile in her e'e,
"O dinna fear, mother, I'll maybe no dee!"

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Source: Singing Together, Spring 1972, BBC Publications

Identified as an "Aberdeenshire ballad", this is Child #238. Contemplator has an extra verse:

Three score o' nobles rade up the King's ha'
But bonnie Glenogie's the flow'r o' them a'
Wi' his milkwhite steed and his bonnie black e'e,
"Glenogie, dear mither, Glenogie for me!"

"Haund your tongue, dochter, there's better than he"
"O say na sae, mither, for that canna be;
Tho' Doumlie is greater and richer than he,
Yet if I maun tak' him, I'll certainly dee."

"There is, Glenogie, a letter for thee,
O there is, Gleogie, a letter for thee!"
The first line he look'd at, a licht lauch lauched he,
But ere he had read thro't tears blinded his e'e.

Then to Glenfeldy's but sma' mirth was there,
An bonnie Jean's mither was tearin' her hair,
"Ye're welcome, Glenogie, ye're welcome, quo' she,
"Ye're welcome, Glenogie, your Jeanie to see."

Pale and wan was she when Glenogie gae'd ben,
But rosy red grew she when e'er he sat doun;
She turned awa' wi' a smile in her e'e.
"O dinna fear, mither, I'll maybe no dee!"

Roud: 101 (Search Roud index at VWML)
Child: 238

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