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It was late last night when the squire came home
And asking for his lady.
The only answer that he got,
"She's gone with the Gypsy Davey,
She's gone with the Gypsy Davey."

"Go saddle for me my buckskin horse
And a hundred dollar saddle
Point out to me their wagon tracks
And after them I'll travel."

Well he had not rode to the midnight moon
When he saw the campfire gleaming
He heard the notes of the big guitar
And the noise of the gypsies singing.

"Have you forsaken your house and home?
Have you forsaken your baby?
Have you forsaken your husband dear
To go with the Gypsy Davey?"

"Yes, I've forsaken my husband dear
To go with the Gypsy Davey,
And I've forsaken my mansion high
But not my blue-eyed baby."

"Take off, take off your buckskin gloves
Made of Spanish leather,
Give to me your lilywhite hand
And we''ll ride home together."

"No, I won't take off my buckskin gloves
Made of Spanish leather.
I'll go my way from day to day
And sing with the Gypsy Davey."

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Source: Singing Together, Spring 1972, BBC Publications

Described as "American version of an English Folk-Song". No source given.

Roud: 1 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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