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I've been to the wars and I've lost one leg,
While fighting over the ocean,
I fought for king and country too,
Won honour and promotion,
So my jolly, jolly crew,
I'll bid you all adieu
No more to the wars will I go with you,
But I'll travel the country through and through,
And still be a rambling soldier

And if anybody here wants to know my name,
My name it is Ben Johnson,
I have a message from the King
To court all girls that are handsome,
To court 'em all both old and young,
To court 'em all and marry none
To court 'em all and amrry marry none
And still be a rambling soldier

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Source: Garners Gay, EFDS, 1967

Collected from Nick Broad, Cornwall, by Fred Hamer

See also "The Rambling Sailor" also collected by Fred Hamer

Roud: 518 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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