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Now it's of a youth and a well-bred youth
And he being a squire's only son,
He fell in love with a bailiff's daughter
When she lived near Waterford town.

But when his parents the truth came to know
How foolishly inclined,
They bound him apprentice for Clemensford town
And they told him his business to mind.

For to stick to his books and to study the law
And to leave his true love behind.
Alas and adieu shall I never see her more,
For she still runs in my mind.

Now it happened to be in the summer time
In the merry month of May,
When she set herself down on a bank that was green
And her true love came riding that way.

Now he stepp-ed up to this pretty fair maid,
"One word, one word", he did say,
"one word, one word, kind miss", he did say
"For to ease a poor troubled mind."

"O it's where was you bred and where was you born?"
"Near Waterford town", she did say,
"Near Waterford town, kind sir", she did say,
"Where I've suffered for many's the day".

"Then if you've been born near Waterford town,
Then it's surely the truth you must know,
Of the bailiff's daughter from Waterford town
Whether she be alive or no?"

"No she's not alive for she is dead
And it's many the day ago,
No, she's not alive for she is dead,
And in her grave laid low."

"O give to me my bridle rein,
My milk-white steed let it go,
That I may go to some fine counteree
Where no one does me know."

"O do not go, kind sir", she did say,
"Come sit yourself down by my side,
It's the bailiff's daughter now that you see
And she's ready for to be your bride."

"O it's farewell woe and welcome love
It's a thousand times brighter for to see,
It's the bailiff's daughter now that I've gained
That I never more expected to see."

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Source: Journal of the English Folk Dance and Song Society, Dec 1951

Noted from the singing of Walter Roast, East Chezzetcook, July 17, 1937
by Doreen H Senior and Helen Creighton. This appears in their article entitled "Folk Songs collected in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada."

Roud: 483 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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