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Young Collins early in the morn
Went whistling thro' some fields of corn,
He spied a milkmaid neat and trim,
To milk her cow tripped over the plain.

Young Collins viewed her as she passed,
He said "my sweet and pretty lass,
Will you along with me now go?"
Her answer was, "Young Collins, no."

He says, "fair maid, I mean no harm,
I'll make you mistress of my farm (Yonder f[arm])
I've ewes, I've lambs, I've poultry too
Will you be mine, say yes or no."

The tears of love were down her brow,
As she sat milking of her cow.
So now the happy knot is tied
And now she is Young Collin's bride.

(Alternative fourth verse)
She waited awhile, and at last gave consent,
To yonder church this couple went,
So now the happy knot is tied
For now she is Young Collin's bride.

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Source: M Dawney, The Ploughboy's Glory, EFDSS, 1977

Collected by Frances Jekyll and George Butterworth from Mr Greenfield, Largashall, Sussex, October 1910.

Roud: 1720 (Search Roud index at VWML) Take Six

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