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I've set my face for Zion's kingdom
Holy bright and glorious
Tho boisterous winds may often blow
To that bright home I'm bound to go

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Source: Patterson, D W, 1979, The Shaker Spiritual, Princeton University Press, New Jersey

(As usual, the punctuation does not match modern conventions.)

Patterson wrote:

The opening phrase of this tune resembles several in the shape-note tradition - "Christian Prospect", "Christian's Hope" and "Who's like Jesus" - and these are fashioned from the English morris-tune "Glorishears." The Shaker singer who reworked the tune stock to make this fine marching song was Betsy Spaulding of Pleasant Hill. The song dates from 1849, when she was twenty-four. She had come to the village at the age of eleven and would die there in 1904 after serving for thirty years as an eldress. A Shaker journal calls her "One of the most substantial sistes at that place."

Analogues: "Christian Prospect" (p. 175), "Christian's Hope" (p. 176) in Jackson, Spiritual Folk-Songs and "Who's Like Jesus" in Jackson Down-East, p. 102


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