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The rolling deep may overturn
The vallies sink the mountains burn
But thou my soul shall firmly stand
Supported by God's righteous hand

To Thee, O Lord, my thanks I give
Tis by thy holy faith I live
My life I freely have laid down
To bear the cross and wear the crown

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Source: Patterson, D W, 1979, The Shaker Spiritual, Princeton University Press, New Jersey

Patterson wrote:

This song was fashioned from tested and proven folk-song formulas. Its melody is related to one popular in Scotland under the name "Drumdelgie," and its words echo the oath of constancy in the seculat love-song "My Love is like Some Blooming Red Rose." The song is a testimony for the Faith. For good reason then it struck a responsive chord amopngst believers. It is one of the oldest surviving in their oral tradition.

"The Rolling Deep" was received by Polly Lawrence in 1826, the year of her death.

and elsewhere:

Analogue: "Drumdelgie" on Caedmon TC-1144: "Jack of all Trades" vol 3 of The Folksongs of Britain (New York, 1961), and "The Jolly Miller" in Peter Kennedy, Folksongs of Britain and Ireland, p 514.


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