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Posted - 19 Jan 05 - 12:44 pm

There were herrin' head an' bits o' bread,
Herrin' heads an' haddies, O,
Herrin' heads an' bits o' bread,
To carry on the weddin' O!

Drum-mer a-doo a-doo a-day,
Drum-mer a-doo a dad-din, O!
Drum-mer a-doo a-doo a-day,
Hurrah for the Tinker's weddin' O!

They tramp it o'er the Biallach way,
Biallach way, Biallach way;
Tramp it o'er the Biallach way,
And bracken was their beddin' O.

We never dwell in but-an'-ben,
But-an'-ben, but-an'-ben,
We never dwell in but-an'-ben,
We camp where trees are spreadin' O

We tightened up the tent a wee,
Tightened up, tightened up,
Tughtened up the tent, a wee,
We'd bracken for our beddin' O!

Source: Singing Together, Spring 1974, BBC Publications


No acknowledgement is given in the pamphlet.

Malcolm Douglas
Posted - 19 Jan 05 - 06:10 pm

Roud 5408. No real idea where this example might have come from.

(Later) Now that the Mudcat is up again, I see that I posted William Watt's original song there some time ago:  The Tinkler's Waddin'.  There is also useful information from the late Bruce Olson.

Most of the narrative has disappeared in the text above, but the tune is still the same (also used for The Day we went to Rothesay O).

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