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Posted - 14 Jan 05 - 10:20 am

Down from the hills of Brecon
Flew a hungry Heron,
In a barrel he bumped his head,
And he said,
"Boom, boom, boom, boom!
Apples I've hit my neck on!"

Up from the barrel rising,
He, most enterprising,
Took the apples to market town,
Knocked them down,
"Boom, boom, boom, boom!"
All at a price surprising.

Yellow and red and dapple
Every single apple
Went to children who cried for more,
Score by score,
"Boom, boom, boom, boom!"
Fast as their hands could grapple.

Where there had once been many,
Soon there was not any.
Back the Heron flew, very proud,
Shouting loud,
"Boom, boom, boom, boom!
One thousand for a penny!"

Source: Singing Together, Spring 1973, BBC Publications


Acknowledgment is made in the pamphlet to Chappell and Co. Ltd., for the English words by Carlene Mair of "The Heron of Brecon" from Album of Welsh Folk Songs.


Posted - 18 Jan 07 - 11:17 pm

I learned this in primary school but could only remember a small fraction of it..
For years I've thought perhaps the strange Heron form Brecon songs was a figment of my overactive imagination...
then it popped into my head tonight... google..... and there you are....
we hey.. i'm not mad......

ceri matho

Posted - 16 Mar 07 - 06:27 pm

"Deryn y Bwn o'r Banna" is the original in Welsh. 'Bittern from the Mountain tops' in translation, and this makes sense of the Bwm Bwm refrain, being the sound that bird makes.

I think it was sung by John Thomas to Peter Kennedy but I may be wrong there. its certainly from the same area as Thomas - North East Wales

Deryn y bwn o'r Banna
Aeth i rodio'r gwylia
Lle disgynodd e
Ar ei ben
Ar ei ben
Bwm bwm bwm bwm
Ond i bwn o 'fala

Deryn y bwn a gododd
Y 'fala i gyd a gariodd
Dros y banna i farchnad Caer
Farchand Caer
Bwm bwm bwm bwm
Ac yno'n daer fe'u gwerthodd

Fala fala filoedd
Fala melyn laweroedd
Y plant yn gweiddi am fala'n groch
Gweiddi am groch
Bwm bwm bwm bwm
Rhoi dima' goch am gannoedd

Deryn y bwn aeth adra
Yn o+l dros ben y banna
Gwaeddai "Meistress O gwelwch y pres"
Gwelwch y pres
Bwm bwm bwm bwm
A ges i wrth werthu 'fala

Jon Freeman

Posted - 16 Mar 07 - 08:58 pm

Hmmm. I can't have played the midi for this before or I would have recognised the tune as "Deryn y bwn o'r Banna". I probably learned that one (although as I've explain before, Welsh words rarely mean anything to me) in primary school.

Interesting to know it's about a bittern, a bird I have heard (in North Norfolk where I live now) but never seen in the wild.

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